Bandeja de Sabores

Un detalle ideal para quien disfruta de la cocina!

Salt with a perfect mix of aromatic green herbs that makes even the simplest preparations more sophisticated. It is a good way to add flavor to all meals without incorporating so much sodium and in some way transport us to the French Provence. 170 g jar.
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Sweet paprika is a slightly red and slightly orange colored seasoning that is obtained after dehydration and subsequent grinding of the vegetable we know as pepper. Its delicious flavor and its characteristic color is usually ideal for sauces, stews and other preparations, being used in order to highlight its flavor and add color to any preparation. 50 g jar.
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Oregano is of Mediterranean origin and is the undisputed star of Italian cuisine. It is one of those few spices whose flavor changes and intensifies when dried. In Greek mythology it is said that Aphrodite, goddess of love, was the one who planted the first oregano as a symbol of happiness and gave it the fragrance it currently possesses. 10 g jar.
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