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At the foot of the Andes mountain range, in the Barreal valley, San Juan, De Mi Campo was born in the year 2000. The project, created by Cecilia Zunino after long and very happy summers on her grandparents' family farm, was inscribed in the peace of a town full of corridors of poplars, singing ditches and imposing mountains.

Thus, under the cloak of an almost guaranteed sun -Barreal has an average of 300 clear days a year-, the 40 hectares of organic and artisanal crops from which our products come out are displayed. In addition to the benefits of the climate, the meltwater and the quality of an extremely fertile soil combine to create a unique and exclusive place, which delivers that differential value in each of its fruits.


At De Mi Campo we believe that it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Thus, we bring together a genuine and natural product with the highest quality standards, and bring it closer to the public in a first-class presentation. We apply knowledge and craftsmanship to reach sophistication; We start from our roots to reach the vanguard.

All our products are natural. The lines of herbs and spices and infusions have also been certified as organic by the International Agricultural Organization, a leading certification company for agricultural, processed and industrialized products. This ensures and endorses our good practices, motivating us to continue working in harmony with the environment.


We believe in the value of nature and care for the environment. Therefore, our products do not have preservatives or artificial additives.

From the beginning, our idea was to make Barreal known, both for what it means to us and for its unique characteristics for cultivation. De Mi Campo is our way of sharing the privilege of working this land and of continuing in contact with our roots, generating a product that respects, disseminates and revalues ​​them.

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