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Black Tea

We call black tea the types of teas that have a degree of oxidation of 100%. This is because during the manufacturing process the cells of the leaves are broken. Consequently, it causes a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, resulting in a blackish or brownish color in the strands. We can perceive smoky notes, wood, tobacco and cocoa; in others, floral, red fruit and raisin notes abound.


Black tea leaves.
A jar with 15 handmade tea balls.
2 grams for each one.
15 Bags.

Ideal para

Although black tea is often paired with sweet food, such as scones, cakes, or chocolate, it still makes a great companion to savory food. Go ahead and try the black tea accompanied by cheeses, cold cuts, cheese dumplings, stuffed breads, cakes or some meats!

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