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red chili pepper

The chili is a fruit similar to paprika, but of smaller proportions. It is usually found in red, orange or yellow colors, depending on the type of fruit that is sought. Traditionally it has a strong spicy flavor to the taste; For this reason, it is popular in the kitchen, a sought-after attribute in many dishes. It is often known by the name of Cayenne pepper, due to the name of the city of Cayenne in French Guiana where it was grown.


Organic chili, harvested by hand and naturally dried in the sun.
Only the fruit is used.
50 g jar.

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The Lima cause, the ceviche, the locro, the mondongo, the chimichurri sauce are some of the recipes that use chili pepper in a greater or lesser proportion to give a spicy point of flavor without which they would not be the same.

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